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Touch that soft smile
I want to sink into the sweet, gentle times..
LarukuJKT spammage 
6th-Aug-2012 01:06 am
hyde flower
Hisashiburiii~~ XDD
I feel like my journal is almost forgotten >.<)

I just wanna save this precious memory and collect them in one post ^___^
So instead of making a live report, I'll let the print news and infos say how much fun it was :DD

This is from HYDE room, I forgot about the date, but I saw this in June 11

Aaahhh I wish to see more of this XD He's in the dressing tent room in Jakarta ^____^)v
This one is from LE CIEL vol 72, ken and yukkie also in the dressing tent room XD :

.....aaaand why the hell they put this pic in LE CIEL EXTRA on Jakarta part??? XDDD keeeenn chan, what are you doing there? go shopping for hyde's present?? 8DD *I wonder why they put April 20 as the date, their live was in May 2*

This is from LE CIEL EXTRA, which hasn't arrived yet but thank u to Michelle I can see the contain first :D

The crowd was AWESOME ! !

I saw yuki_kumi in da pic ! XD

I'm having a blast in my life time at that moment. hyde was there in front of my second row eyes ! *0* I can't tear my eyes away from him, like for real ! ! He was there ! So damn BEAUTIFUL ! ! ♥ ♥ ♥
This is from hyde's diary :

30th April – 1st May: To Jakarta

Press conference

2nd May: “WORLD TOUR 2012” Lapangan D Senayan

I never thought we'd be going there to play a gig (laugh). The scenery and streets felt really tropical. But the alcohol wasn't very good – there were many occasions where I felt the wine hadn’t been stored properly – but I guess it's because they aren’t used to serving it.

But the live itself was great. It was outside, and lots of people were wearing turbans because a lot of the fans were Muslims. It must have been really hot but they weren’t showing any flesh – it looked different from any other country we’d played in before. But when I saw their faces, they were excited, just like the fans in any other country. Everyone was smiling, and singing along – it was wonderful. I thought “ah, we’ve even crossed the boundaries of religion”. We’d already felt like we’ve crossed the borders of countries, and nationalities, but we never thought about religion. But this time, even from what we simply saw, we felt like we’d crossed the borders of religion. It was a concert where I really felt the true wonders of music.


LOL, yes gomen for the bad wine ne hyde sama XDD
I'm glad you thinking you guys have crossed the boundaries of religion. We all love you no matter what our country, nationality, language, race, and religion. L'Arc has put us together.
I love this band so much. I love this man too much.

That memory of May 2nd, 2012 will always be in my heart :)

Oh God what a long entry XP
I hope to see you guys again soon ! !
*send kisses to u all*
5th-Aug-2012 06:37 pm (UTC)
This post made me really happy~ I guess coz it's like in the post, with the different races, religions, etc. Plus more fans getting to see them with such a cool tour. L'Arc is so awesome ;__;

How can you spot yuki_kumi in that small pic? ^^;
6th-Aug-2012 12:25 pm (UTC)
Yeeess~ I love him even moooooooaaaaarrr ! ! XDD
I'm so thankful for L'Arc bring me to this crazy yet fun fandom where I found lots of nice people who I want to meet desperately ^_____^)

Well, actually the original scanned pic is not that small XP so I can spot her easily because we stand close to each other in the concert and I'm so familiar with the view in that pic :D
6th-Aug-2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
Still can't believe they came to our side of Asia <3

By the way, have you heard from tamaaki_kaer1? Just want to know that she's alright >.<

6th-Aug-2012 04:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, and I hope they keep doing it ! XD

My last connection with Kaeri chan was at my birthday, which is in early June 0.0 Omg, that was too long... I sent her a pm on her bday but got no reply :((
She said she's resting and still not feeling well, but she got better.
I wish she come back to LJ soon ;____; I miss her..
6th-Aug-2012 05:31 pm (UTC)
At least they've felt the fan love from around here ^^

Yeah, I heard she was resting. Hopefully she's fine and just busy. I miss her too~
7th-Aug-2012 04:30 am (UTC)
Your entry reminds me hat I haven't written any report from SIN and JKT yet Orzzz XDDD

OMG my face >////////< well thank God I bought the mag XD

And why there's no announcement about WT 2012 DVD yet~~ but I'm afraid they will only include 2 songs from JKT (MHDAD and Seventh Heaven) just like from NHK broadcast, it's not faaair T__T don't tell me they didn't put more songs in NHK because there were to many people who held the handphone or camera to record the live and they can't edited it T___T

It's a happy feeling to know that Indonesian fans managed to make the other fans from Japan and other countries (and L'Arc too) impressed with our sing-a-long in MHDAD XD aahh I feel like I don't want to move on from that May 2nd <333
7th-Aug-2012 06:05 am (UTC)
LOL, just write it for the sake of sweet memories :DD

You bought what magz??
Lolol....well, we in the middle or even in the last part of the Live, so........yeah XDD

I want a full DVD titled LIVE in JAKARTA ! ! >_____<)o Now since you said it here, I actually worried about that cellphone thingy too *___* dammit people !

Aren't we a bunch of proud fans ? ! ! :')
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