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This Journal is mostly friends only because of personal reason.
I update with random stuff.
I love sharing the L'Ove, so expect picspams,
and mostly my fangirling over gxh with my wonderful other gxh shippers ♥
I ♥ L'Arc~en~Ciel to bits
I ♥ HYDE and whatever he did/does/will do *hyde biassed BIG time*
I ♥ GACKT n his silly caring being
If u have at least one same interest with me and not a gxh hater than I will gladly add u back,
I just love making friends (^___^)v

Please leave your comment to be added ^^
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hyde flower

LarukuJKT spammage

Hisashiburiii~~ XDD
I feel like my journal is almost forgotten >.<)

I just wanna save this precious memory and collect them in one post ^___^
So instead of making a live report, I'll let the print news and infos say how much fun it was :DD

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LOL, yes gomen for the bad wine ne hyde sama XDD
I'm glad you thinking you guys have crossed the boundaries of religion. We all love you no matter what our country, nationality, language, race, and religion. L'Arc has put us together.
I love this band so much. I love this man too much.

That memory of May 2nd, 2012 will always be in my heart :)

Oh God what a long entry XP
I hope to see you guys again soon ! !
*send kisses to u all*
H fr Cawaii

This is what happen when I'm bored to death

I'm not gonna rambling here because I have nothing to say but to archives some beautiful-ness of blond!HYDE I kinda missed it :p
It's not that good, but I just so bored and it would be a shame if these great awesome pics of him being neglected in my folder >__<

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Is a MAN allowed to be this beautiful?? >///<
(taken from Musica 08.09)

♥ ♥ ♥
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I don't know what happen with my LJ or everyone's, but LJ do act strangely to me! I can read entries but can't comments >___<

For my f-list, I read all of your entries guys...but when I want to replay/comment, this 503 thing came out X [

I hope LJ will fix this soon, this make me upset.
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SuperMoon in my country

Well, some days ago I read in some digital news via my cell, that the earthquake n tsunami in Japan was caused by this SuperMoon fenomena. But then some expert disagree about this statement, they said there's no way a moon can caused earthquake n tsunami. *that's what I thought too, stupid media sensation*

Now, after I read this news...I'm curious about the SuperMoon. I read in other digital news it will happen at 02.10 am Indonesia time, 11.03.19. I plan to hover the sky and see the moon, but I got sleepy and forgot about my plan T____T. Just remember now when I saw wonderful pics of it on twitter.

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If I didn't see those pics I wouldn't have know if the moon can actually be this BIG @___@. Now, I believe the Moon in Moon Child could be that big XD

Beautiful moon view ne~
I wish I can see such moon with my own bare eyes *____* feels so otherworldly..
I want to see it....in my dream X( *off to sleep now*

Jya minna~
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I was shocked when read about the earthquake news in my cell this afternoon. Even more worried when heard nothing from L'Arc boys and GACKT >____< but, thank GOD I have all this amazing people in LJ to share the information about L'Arc boys, HYDE and GACKT.

Now I'm so relieved they all alright :)

PS : silly Hyde, still thinking about Doraemon being not aired today XDD and wise Gacchan as always *thank you miku for your translation via YM :D*
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「VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A.」 DVD Tracklist

Here's the the tracklist of VAMPS – VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A. TOUR DOCUMENT- (Los Angeles LIVE Wiltern Theater U.S.A. TOUR FINAL)



(VAMPS – Live & Documentary DVD VAMPS Live 2009 U.S.A Regular Edition)



(VAMPS – Live & Documentary DVD VAMPS Live 2009 U.S.A Limited Edition)



Too bad, I dunno how to buy the DVD via CD Japan or yesasia (>___<;)
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L'Arc question, their Book??

" L'arc~en~Ciel January 16 at 12:52pm Report

New Official Book from L’Arc~en~Ciel titled 「WORDSⅡ」featuring interviews of the members from “Seventh Heaven” to “NEXUS4″.

Release expected for March 31, 2010 and sold for 2100 yen.

Check here for pre-order: http://www.item-navi.jp/artistdeli/main?cpid%A1%E11001 "

I got this from my L'Arc~en~Ciel group in Facebook (not the official FB page, but the admin doesn't messing around with their past news, so usually I believe them)
Is this for real?? Why I never heard about it??
H fr Cawaii

Larcs Chronicle 4

I just got this DVD n wonder, its only had 1 cd there yet the price is the same when it comes with 2 cds. I guess its not a LIVE DVD though, they wrote some PVs title in the back.. Since I havent watch it :b Is this their newest DVD release?? @.@